Wednesday, May 21, 2008

photos: My first NWR shoot with the DBSkim team

This summer, I'll be interning with Northwest Riders, a clothing company that sponsors a Wakeboard, Skimboard, Snowboard, Skateboard and Surf team. As their photographer, I'll be shooting sponsored competitions, jams with the team riders, catalog items, demos and clinics. My first event — tryout, if you will — was an "urban" skim demo at the "Wake-Up Sale" on Sunday afternoon, co-sponsored by Grizzly Sports and Blazing Onion. All of the team members there were great guys, and some were UW students as well. Unfortunately all but three of the team riders were either hurt or couldn't make it, and there was one mid-demo injury, but the event was clearly a success. The guys (and one girl, who wasn't there) run a sick company called DB Flatland Skimboards that not only makes and sells boards, but also runs instructional camps to get kids into the sport. Anyway, here are a few of my shots from the event; there will definitely be more to come all summer long:

ABOVE: Team rider Isaac Thomas launches off the ramp in the homemade pool constructed inside the Mill Creek Shopping Center. This is probably my favorite shot of the day, with crisp action and a dramatic upward angle. I'd definitely say Isaac was having the best day of anyone out there; unfortunately, he cut his foot up about halfway through the demo, but he literally taped it back together and kept riding. Props.

ABOVE: Isaac Thomas glides above his board at Sunday's demo. At first, I was shooting almost exclusively with my wide-angle lens, but I thought to try different angles with my telephoto — with amazing results. I'm always impressed by the crispness of that lens. I think I stuck with it for the rest of the event.

ABOVE: A young boy watches as team rider Richard Docter walks by after taking a run in the pool. I didn't get a long time to talk to these kids, but there was a group of them that had come down from the skate park about half a mile up the road to watch, and you could tell they were impressed. I just thought it was pretty cool to frame this guy who clearly idolized the team for riding as well as they did and being sponsored on top of it all.

ABOVE: Team rider Richard Docter spins after hitting the ramp. Right behimd Isaac, Richard was probably the second-most on skimmer of the day. I tried experimenting with angles and the telephoto lens, and this was one of the results.