Wednesday, May 21, 2008

photos: NWR Team Rider Jake Waldrop

On the same day of my shoot with the DB Skim guys, I got to catch up with Northwest Riders team skater Jake Waldrop at the Mill Creek skate park. The kid's only a freshman in high school, but he can shred. I only got to shoot with him for maybe half an hour, but he was determined to stick a few good ones; it was more about hitting them for him then for me or the camera though, and I respected that a lot. He's clearly a shredder, but he was damn modest about it. He took some pretty rough falls too, especially trying to (I think) crooked that rail in photo #2, but he never bailed on any attempts until he hit it or knew for sure that it wasn't the right day. His little buddy in the third photo, who's name I never actually caught, was pretty impressive too.

ABOVE: Jake attempts a kickflip-to-5-0 grind combo on a two-tier box at the skate park. Though he never actually hit this one, he came real close. I talked with him for a little bit about how it was dealing with an unfamiliar park and how Mill Creek was a little bigger than he was used to (though you wouldn't know that from how he kicked it there).

ABOVE: Jake boardslides a rail over a three-flat-three. He hit the boardslide on one of his first tries, but then had to push the envelope. He probably tried to crooked grind the thing for a solid ten minutes before he hit it, but in the end he stuck it beautifully.

ABOVE: Jake's friend, who I didn't actually oficially "meet" definitely deserved a photo posted up here. The kid, who is trying to get a sponsorship of his own, is a pretty rad skater himself. He hit some 180 kickflips over this two-stair (above), and inbetween Jake's attempts at a kickflip combo on the box, he nailed a few slick 5-0 grinds.