Saturday, May 24, 2008

review: Sasquatch Day One (Saturday)

The first day of the Sasquatch! Festival was everything that it should have been.

Seattle low-fi indie group Fleet Foxes opened up the Sasquatch! Main Stage with a solid performance that kept fans excited throughout the day.

In the meantime, Southern rockers Dead Confederate made a solid — and very loud — appearance at the Wookie! side stage. The five-piece group from Athens, Ga. was the epitome of heartfelt rock.

Because of a bus breakdown, The National was forced to postpone their performance on the main stage and move to the Wookie! side stage. Fleet Foxes covered for their set.

Another notable side stage performance was Destroyer, whose lead singer Dan Bejar also plays in The New Pornographers. The two bands sets overlapped on different stages, but Bejar rushed over and made most of his other band’s main stage appearance. Both group’s performances were amazing, and The New Pornographers performed a fun cover of “Don’t Bring Me Down.” Covers seemed to be the popular theme, with The Breeders covering The Beatles’ “Happiness is a Warm Gun.”

M.I.A. was clearly the night’s biggest success, bringing even the audience sitting in the terrace to their feet. The act turned wild when she literally said “Well, fuck it,” and pulled fans from the pit to the stage, turning it into a packed dance floor. Security had no idea what to do.

Though some light rain thinned the crowd, Modest Mouse kept the energy going with a hit-filled set. And, apparently, every member of the band can play multiple instruments — other than the drummers every member played at least two instruments, including banjo, keyboard, piano, upright bass, trumpet on top of the usual.

The night was closed by oldie-but-goodie R.E.M, who put on the type of show that’s kept them successful for the last two decades. As lead singer Michael Stipe said when the band left, “We are R.E.M. This is what we do.”


  1. Dfactor said...

    Michael Stipe needs a new REM slogan - he's been saying this line for, what, at least 15 years now?