Monday, June 9, 2008

review: Nas's "Black President"

The latest from NYC rapper Nas, in collaboration with DJ Green Lantern, is a the latest in a long line of support for Obama from the music community. The brilliant piece of pro-Obama hip-hop comes off of the new mixtape "The Nigger Tape," just after Bob Dylan's endorsement a few days ago and the viral Will.I.Am song and video "Yes We Can" from earlier this year.

Not only does he remix Obama's acceptance speech, but the hook is sampled from 2Pac's "Changes": "And though it seems heaven-sent, we ain't ready to have a black president."

The track boasts a smart set of rhymes, too; Nas brings up Calvin Coolidge's KKK connection and Andrew Jackson's mixed Native American blood. As the Obama clip in the beginning says, "They said this day would never come." And Nas respons with the rallying cry, "Yes we can, change the world."